Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Emmelyn Ariel...

We are now six weeks into the birth of baby Emme. I am happy to say the baby blues have been so much better than what they were a few weeks ago. Since its been 6 years since I had Anneliese I really don't remember how I felt after I gave birth to her. There are times when I can remember bits and pieces of when I would tell someone about the baby blues I had after her but I don't remember actually going through it. No wonder I wanted another baby! :)...One seems to forget everything, yeesh. Well since this one is still fresh in my head I might as well jot it down before its long gone. With Anneliese I breastfed her until my boobs took a turn for the worst with my nipples being cracked and all. Being that I did not have much help and I was so new to it all I gave up very quickly and formula fed her. Now, being that Anneliese was formula fed and six years later she is the most amazing little girl anyone can ever wish for I am not against it at all. She has barely been sick all these years - and she was always a good eater and is the smartest little thing ever. So again, I am not against formula :) Back to this time around...I wanted to exclusively breastfeed Emmelyn and I tried, I did. She was constantly feeding, I got minutes of sleep at all times. When I tried pumping as well, nothing was coming out, literally drops. So I worried she was not getting much milk since she constantly cried for more and never seem satisfied. At her one week check-up her doctor was concerned she lost more weight than normal and wanted us to formula feed her as well as breastfeed. After a visit with the lactation consultant it seemed as though there were more issues at hand being that my breasts did not grow at all during my pregnancy and after feeding and weighing her she was only drinking about 1/2 ounce from each. Not enough at all. Every day I told myself and everyone I was no longer going to breastfeed and will just stick to formula. I mean what's so bad about formula anyway, like I said Anneliese turned out great and too! I continued to pump so that I would not get engorged and slowly my milk will dry up. There was a good week when she did not even nurse at all and I pumped about once a day, waiting, just waiting until it would all be gone. But for some reason I kept pumping, why? Well one day when she began crying hysterically and turning beat red during a diaper change, I could not bear to see her go through that constipation again due to being solely formula I began nursing again, pumping more, praying my supply would return...and it did :) Although, I still cannot pump more than 3 sometimes 2 ounces from both at a time, she seems to be satisfied when she does nurse. {sigh of relief}. Her stools are back to normal, no pain :) pictures coming soon...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Better late than never...

I know this is the month of crochet but I had to get a little knitting in there...I could not resist. Perhaps I can post a preview now and reveal during the month of August Knitting :)

Crochet me all of July!

A few months back I took a break from my knitting needles and crochet hook. Well that's over. I am back in action and I am loving it. I will not buy another ball of yarn until I am completely done busting my stash. Now that its all organized neatly I am breaking up projects by month. July will be the month of crochet. So far I have been working on nothing but baby items...not for anyone in particular...just baby fever here. Here's what I've been working on...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Game Over

When I woke up this morning, I could not leave early in the morning before she woke up. She's too cute not to hug and kiss and cuddle in the morning. So while I was getting dressed I asked her why she said what she said the day before. Luckily, she is not the type to shy away from any topic and she likes to voice her opinion. It all stemmed from the day before when I raised my voice with her papa. She said she does not like it when I don't speak to him in a nice way. Plain and simple. When it comes to her well-being, I get very passionate about the situation and let my emotions take control. We had a teeny bit of a situation with the sitter and when he told me he did not want to get in the middle of it - I guess I did raise my voice just a tad. This has been a problem in the past and I feel as though I have gotten better about controlling my temper but sometimes it just gets the best of me, especially when its about my little girl. Now time and time again, she is the one to shed light unto my behavior. And yes, it hurts when she confronts me about it but she does it in such a positive way that makes me wonder...whom is teaching whom here... lesson learned. 4yr old - 1. 30yr old - 0. game over. They say you get wiser with age but I think it's the complete opposite.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New found freedom? Or worst heartbreak ever?

Today my pumpkin told me she wants to forget about me. She said she wants me to stay at work longer and not come home after she arrives from school. Where did this come from? All I was doing was putting lotion on her after she had bath time with her dad. So I said you don't really mean that and she said yes. But again she's 5 - what does she know?! At that point I thought I can let this hurt or I can view it in a positive way. Was this my way out? My chance for freedom? She said she wants to spend more time with dad. Well I think I need to give her exactly what she wants, right? Let dad wake up in the middle of the night when she's having a bad dream. Let dad wake up in the morning and get her ready for school. Let him worry about her dinner, bath, and bedtime [evil grin].
And so I will embark in my journey. I think a good way to start this will have to be by leaving for work before everyone wakes up tomorrow.
We will see how long this little game will last.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anneliese's 5th Birthday!

At the beginning of each year I begin thinking and planning for my pumpkin's birthday in March. Normally anxiety kicks in on or about the end of October. What should the theme be? Nothing in particular but everything about in particular. I start to wonder what she's into nowadays. It seems to have become easier since I can just ask her and she will very well speak her mind; which changes every week. From Ninjago to Hello Kitty to a glow in the dark party to finally deciding upon an American girl or rather my doll and me party. Which is great! I love dolls!! Although she does not know, that the only reason I'm not opposed to the purchase of a new doll more often than not, is because secretly I want them for myself ;) Here are a few little treasures I have been working on for her surprise party!

Doll sized party hats (Template)

Mini suitcase favors for the girls :) Foud this @ Michaels

Saturday, September 8, 2012


So I had the iphone and recently upgraded to the galaxy s3. Im torn, I very much like all of the cool features and widgets on the s3 but I am extremely dissapointed with the battery life!!! I do not want tocarry around a charger EVERYWHERE I go. Should I go back to the iphone or stick to this very depressing lack of battery life??